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Angela Deutschmann is a personal growth specialist from Johannesburg whose practice is focused on personal and collective evolution, specifically through an understanding of, and a commitment to, Joy. Angela offers many paths to this, including facilitated growth clubs.

What is a Growth Club?

An intimate group of no more than 6 members that commits to their own, and each other’s, personal development for a year. The group meets once a month for a growth session, which will be facilitated by Angela Deutschmann.

What is the purpose of a Growth Session?

The purpose is threefold:

• Involve

Involve yourself in the growth of other members in an honest and constructive manner, allowing them to be involved with you in the same way. Move beyond only isolated growth activities (reading, therapy etc) into the beauty and synchronicity of inter-dependence and support.

• Inspire

Inspire yourself and others by being exposed to new knowledge about Joy, shared books and insights, and real-life practices.

• Integrate

Integrate your highest wisdom and your everyday behaviour. Commit to next steps that will allow you to put your awareness where it’s really needed – in the practical details of your life.

What happens at a Growth Session?

Growth sessions will be loosely facilitated by Angela to ensure high levels of productivity, focus and challenge. Activities may include sharing and feedback, Shadow work, games, book and film discussions, personal pain work or stillness exercises. Her model for Joy (HEAL / DREAM / CREATE / REST) forms the platform for all the work that is done in the Growth Club year.

How are the groups formed?

• People who are already acquainted and relate well to each other may form their own group or
• Individuals may approach Angela for inclusion in an appropriate group

What are the costs?

• A year’s membership of a Growth Club in 2017 will cost R 6 800.00
• 50% of this fee (R 3 400.00) is to be paid up by 30 January and the remaining 50% by 15 June.
• If you wish to pay the full amount upfront, a 10% discount will be offered, making the total due R6 120.00.
• A non-refundable deposit of R1500.00 is required to secure one of the limited spaces. This can be deducted off the final amount due.
• Please make payments to Angela Deutschmann, Standard Bank, Rosebank 004305, Cheque account number 401795357
• This amount includes tea, coffee and rusks at all sessions as well as any materials used. It does not include the cost of the Jump workshop.

What will you be committing to?

1. One facilitated growth session of at least 3 hours per month for eleven months (attendance is compulsory)
2. Intimate, honest and constructive sharing
3. Taking responsibility for your own and your group’s progress
4. Honouring the time-and-direction guidance of the facilitator
5. Timeous payment

What will Angela be committing to?

1. Facilitating one growth session of at least 3 hours per month for eleven months
2. Providing honest, challenging and constructive feedback
3. Exposing the group to new knowledge and modalities
4. Ensuring opportunities for involvement, inspiration and integration
5. Keeping within boundaries (e.g. time) set by the group
6. Taking care of planning, logistics and refreshments

Most groups choose to enhance their twelve months together by going on a weekend workshop (Jump) with Angela at a mountain retreat in Mpumalanga. This is optional and will be discussed with the group as the year progresses.

What are the benefits of joining Angela’s Spiritual Growth Club?

Continual exposure to new learning and thinking
Practical, honest and creative input on your life
Accountability to a supportive group
Opportunity for intimate sharing with people who are dedicated to making their lives work
A safe and challenging space in which to continually integrate your learning experiences into everyday life
Shared access to books and other resources


Contact Garrick: +27844608667

Application form available here.

Information form available here.


Participants’ Comments

“I find that I often get stuck in a specific way of thinking or assessing situations. The spiritual support group that I am part of constantly gives me new ideas and fresh perspective on my life. Each month the group session has a different theme, (always well thought out and relevant) each theme comes with its own unique tools and challenges and therefore rewards. Spending time with new people who are equally enthusiastic to grow themselves spiritually continuously inspires and challenges me. It is great to know there is a group of people with a similar mind set that are outside my immediate group of friends and therefore can give neutral and well thought out opinions and insight. I am also constantly amazed how much I can learn form other people’s experiences (although they may not seem similar on the surface there are always lessons for me to learn from each interaction).
I have only been to three sessions so far and can’t wait to see what the next nine months bring!“

“I have this truly awesome sense of having stepped out as my true self. I have a sense of liberation and vitality and excitement about life I can’t remember having felt before. Ang sensitively and compassionately facilitates this truly genuine growth adventure.’’

‘’Being in a support group over the past few months has given me the comfort of 'a safe place to land' in a time in my life when I have needed it the most. I have been guilty in the past of isolating myself from the world and attempting to deal with my issues alone. The support group has provided me with the perfect "space" where I feel safe and supported enough to be vulnerable. I am now able to carry this need to express myself and my vulnerability, into all aspects of my life. It has been the perfect reminder that I am not alone in the world and by sharing my experiences, I can assist others in their lives too. Thank you for the opportunity.’’

"Being challenged, encouraged and supported by a new circle of friends gave me something to look forward to every month. New perspective on my own experiences and learning from others, I know has helped me to speed up my journey to Joy. The weekend away served as the perfect climax. Beautiful surroundings, inspiring friends and an awesome facilitator. Thank you Angela and my group for amazing year together."

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