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Each month Angela makes available a full-length reading on whatever is most pertinent to humanity at the time. The topics cover a range of aspects about the human condition from health, money and parenting to personal and collective evolution. The insights are radical, yet gentle; profound yet surprisingly practical, and attract interested readers from all over the world.

These teachings can be purchased individually at R75 or in their sets of 10 for R675.

Insights From the Edge will inspire you, challenge you and equip you to live in the middle of the risky, new and wild place that is Joy.

The sample Insights From the Edge is entitled ‘Working with Rejection’ and is available to you as a free download.

Let Your Life Serve You

Insights From the Edge Eight invites us to let life serve us, instead of being a slave to our experiences. What this means is that, instead of getting lost in what happens and doesn’t happen (the domain of experience), we choose to USE our circumstances – no matter what they are – to become who we wish to become (the domain of emergence). This is a massive shift to make is beautifully explained in this reading.

Impact and Ego

Insights From the Edge Seven of 2015 is called ‘Impact and Ego’. It teaches the distinction between ego motivation and higher motivation and explains how the need to have a specific kind of impact on the world is a subtle version of ego. Instead the reading talks of what our ‘real job’ is and addresses the question of whether it can be selfish to commit to our Joy. There is also a fascinating piece about the changes occurring in planetary consciousness.

The Paradox of Potential

The Sixth Insights From the Edge of 2015 is an extraordinary teaching. Called ‘The Paradox of Potential’, it explains that very often the reason for our self-sabotage is because we have attached our self-worth to a future – better – version of ourselves. Paradoxically, loving only our potential and not our current selves is exactly what causes us to sabotage that potential. There is also a very useful perspective on the need for resistance in this reading.

Relationship Practices for Joy

Insights From the Edge Five of 2015 reminds us that real love always confers both support and challenge and contains three profound Relationship Practices for Joy: Know what is and isn’t your job in a relationship, Focus on yourself more than you focus on your partner and Take nothing for granted. An outstanding guide to all human relationships!

The Art of Letting Go

IFTE Four is an exquisite, groundbreaking teaching about when to let go and how to let go. It is unequivocal about what is our job and what is not, and will pave the way for a peace beyond understanding.

Responding to Challenge

Right in the middle of challenge? Perhaps even more so than ever before? This Insights from the Edge, Responding to Challenge, will offer you some big-picture context for your struggle as well as invite you into four useful responses. The teaching also includes the specific questions of the participant so you can hear exactly how her Divinity guides her through a very core challenge.

Own Your Inspiration

Insights From the Edge Two of 2015 is all about owning your inspiration. This reading teaches what inspiration is, the two sources from which it comes and why it is as ‘vital as oxygen’ for forward movement. Included at the end of this reading is an answer to a question about whether to leave or stay in a marriage. The specifics might not be relevant to you, but the general guidance for how to make a big decision will certainly be.

The Grand Agenda

The first Insights From the Edge of 2015 is called The Grand Agenda. It is a game-changing invitation to collapse the division between what we think of as humanity and divinity because ‘you can never show up more magnificently than the story you tell about yourself’.

From Small Mind To Big

The final Insights of 2014 is called From Small Mind to Big and shares with us three ways to make the switch from identifying with our egos to identifying with our Divinity. There is an extremely important distinction in this teaching about the difference between being focussed on your tools or being focussed on what you can create with them. A wonderful concept!

The Human Job Description

The Ninth Insights of 2014 is a fascinating account of ‘The Human Job Description’ and, equally importantly, the three domains of existence that are NOT our job to focus on or worry about. This reading talks about the difference between coming from small mind or Big Mind and helps us to come back to the only thing that matters, and the only thing we are actually in charge of.

A Peace Wizard

Insights From the Edge Eight of 2014 is called "A Peace Wizard" and offers us a wonderful three-step programme for making peace within ourselves as well as in the world. This reading will shift your relationship with peace from one of hopeful recipient to intentional wizard!

The Value of Softness

The seventh Insights of 2014 is all about The Value of Softness. The reading teaches what softness is, why it is so critical a state to our bodies and psyches and how we can give permission for more of it on a regular basis.


Insights From the Edge Six of 2014 is an incredible, simple tool for mastery of self and life. It suggests that our focus is best placed on our interior experience of life rather than on the circumstances of life as this is the only place we are in charge of. The teaching goes on to suggest that (1) becoming aware of whether we are in an expansive or contractive state and (2) becoming a wizard at making choices and interpretations that cause us to feel expansive are the two keys to self-mastery. A powerful conversation!

All You Need

The Fifth Insights From the Edge of 2014 is called “All You Need”. It issues an ancient, vital invitation to recognise yourself as “wildly loved” by existence, so that you may once and for all be free and begin to live your life for Joy instead of validation. A magnificently powerful reading.

Giving Powerful Permission

Insights From the Edge Four of 2014 covers a topic that many of us need help with – how do we come into a state of allowing for our dreams, or desires? Called, ‘Giving Powerful Permission’ this reading explains the two dimensions required for effective permission and uses some powerful analogies to help us own, support and invest in our joy.

The Two Sides of Self

IFTE Three of 2014 is called The Two Sides of Self and deals with the extraordinary human reality of living with two, often contradictory, sets of impulses and agendas. This readings talks about understanding, honouring and working well with both the human and the divine minds and begins to teach about the brilliance to be found in their bridging, or integration.

Focus on your Field

The second Insights From the Edge of this year urges us to ‘Focus on Our Field’ instead of focusing on trying to have a particular impact on the world. It is a powerful reminder that our state of being (expressed through all areas of our life) is actually our gift to the world and our primary responsibility. As such, anything which expands and energises our state of being is important to invest in, whether it appears to look like service or work or success, or not. There is also a useful question at the end of this Insights about what to do in a less-than-fulfilling job situation.

The Joy Revolution

The first Insights From the Edge of 2014 has got to be my favourite one ever. It’s called The Joy Revolution and invites us into some significant distinctions (e.g. a revolution can be chosen not fought), some profound new learning and some brave possibilities for taking your life back.

Living in Concern

The final Insights From the Edge of 2013 addresses the subject of ‘Living With Concern’. It invites us to recognise that being perpetually concerned about something or the other is not a natural or beneficial state but leads to inter alia exhaustion, overwhelm and difficulty creating joy. To address this we must examine our core beliefs about what think is our job as a human being. The reading explains what this is and also what it is not, enabling us to give ourselves permission for that most rare experience of being alive without concern.

Ambiguous Signals

The Ninth Insights From the Edge of 2013 is about emitting Ambiguous Signals to Life, or the Universe. It explains what that means, what the implications are of sending mixed messages and the three possible causes of doing so. This teaching raises valuable reminders about knowing who we are, what we want and investing our four resources (time, energy, money and attention) in alignment with that so as to be able to create what we choose to.

The Three Keys to Miracle

Insights From the Edge Eight of 2013 is amazing! Called ‘The Three Keys to Miracle’, this reading explains step by step how being in God-Mind is required to generate (not receive!) a miracle, and what exactly that entails. It is very important information – even if only for the daring

Collapsing a Core Story

The Seventh Insights From the Edge of 2013 is an amazing example of what it means to have, and to collapse, a Core Story. You’ll understand the origins and impact of a core story and the three ways in which you can dismantle it. Over and above this there is a very valuable reminder in this reading about not underestimating all the investment you may have made in an interior journey.

Request, Question or Quest

The sixth Insights From the Edge of 2013 talks about three different approaches to life: the Request, Question and Quest mentalities. Some understandings and implications of each are given and the suggestion is to live life as a quest, rather than a request or a constant question. As part of this approach, there is also some excellent teaching on being scared of our ‘now’ and the two major gifts that only the present moment can deliver.

The Bullying Agenda

The Fifth Insights From the Edge of 2013 ‘The Bullying Agenda’ is a direct follow-on from the previous teaching in this series. This time the distinction is drawn between your agenda and your core self, and the suggestion is made to regularly move past all your identifiers and experience (not just know about!) what is underneath them. One of the most amazing parts of this reading is the explanation about why being enslaved to your agenda will get you nowhere – it’s the design of the human game for perfection to always be slightly out of reach. This is only a problem when you never leave the game to sit in the only place where perfection exists permanently.

Taking Care of the Self and not just the Life

The Fourth Insights From the Edge of 2013 raises an exceptionally important distinction: the difference between what is your Life vs what is your Self. Investing only, or predominantly, in your life is going to necessarily leave you brittle, empty or returning to the same places again and again whereas investing in your Self, ensures increasing richness of experience. A very valuable and practical part of this teaching is the examination of the four categories of Self-Care: Reflection, Healing, Inspiration and Rest.

Skills For Thriving In The New World

Insights From the Edge Three of 2013 raises three important skills required for thriving in the new world: commitment to reflection / rest, sufficient wild love and sufficient self-love. There are full teachings on all three those skills and, in particular, some very important distinctions drawn between ‘love from need’ vs ‘love from joy’ and ‘wild loving’ vs ‘mild loving’. The reading ends by suggesting that if you are developing these particular three skills you will be far less inclined to ask other people, or Divinity, about what to do and where to go. I’d say that’s rather empowering

Epidemic of Worry

The second Insights From the Edge of 2013 is called ‘The Epidemic of Worry’. It highlights the seriousness of living in a constant state of, even mild, concern and explains the three most common categories of worry to examine and put right. This reading also lists some very useful conditions for opening up to your Divinity.

2013 New Year Reading

The New Year Reading of 2013 tells us of three shifts that we are currently experiencing: The shift from being loyal to a story to being loyal to experience; the shift from achievement as an end-goal to peace as an end-goal and a shift in the balance between belonging to a collective versus individual freedom. There is fantastic teaching within these explanations, specifically about how to evaluate our own stories and the real nature of the battles we seem to be always fighting.

Desire vs Contentment

Insights From the Edge of 2013 Ten opens up a conversation between ‘Desire’ and ‘Contentment’ and shows us how we need not choose between the two if we know how to work with desire in the moment instead of to project it onto the future. This is the story behind the story about being in the now and explains simply and clearly why the only power we ever have is in the current reality of our lives.

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The Abraham Isaac Story

The Ninth Insights From the Edge of 2012 is a reframing of the biblical story of Abraham and Isaac. It reveals a really profound understanding about attachment and joy and how life lovingly keeps on offering us ways to let go of illusions and move closer to truth. This teaching has helped me and many others enormously.

Denial and Facing

The Eighth Insights From the Edge of 2012 has to be my favourite so far! Called ‘Denial and Facing’, it suggests to us that there is a direct relationship between how much we are in denial and how powerful we’re able to be. The reading invites us to face everything that is real in our inner and outer worlds by using the four categories of enquiry: Facts, Fears, Feelings and Fantasies. It is a practical, accessible and hugely important teaching.

The Gift of Impermanence

Insights From the Edge Seven of 2012 is a hugely liberating invitation to receive and play with The Gift of Impermanence. It invites us to realize that we need not take anything from the past with us that we don’t prefer to use anymore, as well as to avoid only committing to and enjoying something once we are sure it is ‘the one’.

Let Inspiration Do The Work

The Sixth Insights From the Edge of 2012 invites us to ‘Let Inspiration Do The Work’, as opposed to simply willpower or discipline. The reading explains the power of being inspired and, more importantly, that keeping inspired is our own responsibility. It also elaborates on the very important relationship between inspiration and blame (hint: they are not compatible!) and gives three excellent suggestions on eliminating blame from your psyche to make way for the wind of inspiration

Bringing Your Big Self Into Relationship

This fifth Insights of 2012 is all about relationships and, specifically, how and what to trust within relationships. It lists three ways to bring your big self into a relationship as well as three reasonable and respectful requests (as opposed to unfair and disempowering ones) you can make inside a close relationship. This is valuable insight into a pervasive and challenging aspect of everyday life.

The Secret Doorway to Divinity

The Fourth Insights of 2012 explains that the ‘Secret Doorway to Divinity’ is NOT something you have to do, change, learn, practice or become. It is the extraordinarily brave act of being very real about what is going on inside and around you. The reading shares two reasons why we are so seldom that real, and also some of the techniques we tend to use to ‘duck out’ of reality. There is a breakthrough guaranteed to follow any permission you give to be in ‘the searing heart’ of your reality and this teaching explains why. There are also two useful questions included about how to work with our health and how to be more in touch

The Difference Between Love and Approval

Insights Three of 2012 explains the critical difference between Love and Approval - one of the most exciting teachings I've heard. If this distinction is mastered it allows us to gently dissolve our defenses, create new solutions and allow a platform for miracles with our internal guidance.

Dare to Receive Love

Insights Two of 2012, entitled Dare To Receive Love, teaches us about the huge implications of feeling that we are loved (e.g. it’s the only way we’ll start to live our passion), the challenges involved in giving permission for this and three concrete suggestions for daring to be loved. There is a wonderful explanation of selfishness included. This is a big and courageous choice!

Centred Choices

The first Insights From the Edge of 2012 focuses on something we will do every day for the rest of our lives: make choices. The teaching distinguishes between choices from a centred place and choices from a fragmented place. It gives both intellectual and emotional ways to test which of these places your decisions come from and explains the results you can expect from each. This teaching will help you to choose from your centre, a  crucial tool on the path of conscious living.

2012 New Year Reading

Some other fascinating concepts from the reading include: You cannot manipulate or control your futures with just your thinking. Your here and now is your only doorway to your transcendence. The moment you realise it does not get better than this, it does. You don’t need to change yourselves, you need to meet yourselves. Every time you step into another degree of freedom for yourself you are taking humanity with you.

You and Spirit

The November Insights From the Edge, ‘You and Spirit’, contains a sophisticated and very clear explanation of the dynamic between our human and divine minds and, in particular, what role Spirit does and doesn’t play in everyday life. Very valuable for reconfiguring any outdated beliefs and ways of praying we may still be using. There is also some (realistic and non-dramatic) reference to 2012 and the changes around that.

Really Useful Teachings about Change

The October Insights From the Edge is called Really Useful Teachings about Change and it brings us three characteristics of change that we are invited to accept and three personal approaches that we are invited to cultivate while we are experiencing any significant change.  I especially liked the clear teaching about what integrity actually is, and how to really let go.

4 Approaches for New Times

The September Insights From the Edge is magnificent! It offers us ‘Four Approaches for the New Times’, providing some very real and powerful ways not simply to manage the current changes but to thrive from them (hint: expect the structures to let you down!)

Game of Life

The August Insights From the Edge invites us to position life as a game and explains the essential qualities shared by both. This reading includes important teachings on competitiveness, mortality, goals and whether or not money is a reward for living your biggest life.

Fundamental Rest

The July 2011 Insights From the Edge teaching examines the concept and practice of ‘Fundamental Rest’. You will learn what fundamental rest means, the four prerequisites for allowing it and the powerful benefits (most importantly, self-love!) of practicing this regularly. The reading also makes clear why and exactly how your ego will  resist rest and includes a practical system for starting out.

On the Way With Joy

The June 2011 Insights From the Edge is called ‘On the Way With Joy’ and teaches two central concepts: a model for co-creating what you want, making some space for grace and not only willpower and intention and, secondly, the highly liberating idea that we are wired to experience Joy from the moment we are on our highest path, NOT only once we have achieved it. Wonderful truths!

The Third Wave of Growth

The May 2011 Insights From the Edge teaches us about the three phases of personal evolution: delight in the physical world, followed by a focus on what is spiritual and, thirdly, the ability to devote equal sacredness to both. The reading explains various characteristics and challenges of each phase and how to make the leap into the third. There is also a good explanation about using both internal and external co-ordinates to help you discern exactly where you are at any given moment.

The Philosophy of Embrace

The Philosophy of Embrace’ suggests an approach to life that is beyond coping and even learning. This amazing teaching asks us if we are holding ourselves ‘at arm’s length from our reality’ and shows the four most common defenses we use to that end. It’s an invitation to embrace what is, as a doorway into wholeness and divine peace.

Giver or Blesser

This Insights gives us a valuable distinction, are you a Giver or are you a Blesser? One comes from a wound, involves trying and creates heaviness. The other comes from joy, has no attachment to outcomes and creates empowerment. Liberating stuff!

The Experiencer and the Observer

The February Insights From the Edge explains our two minds: the Experiencer mind and the Observer mind. It teaches the difference between the two and stresses how both are valuable and necessary for full life. There is a list of symptoms to look for if you suspect you give more time to observing than experiencing and four steps to correcting this imbalance. A very useful distinction, especially for the cerebral among us!

The Power of With

‘The Power of With’ is a daring invitation into living a ‘with’ life instead of a ‘without life’. This reading makes it clear that the only way to do this is to stop, turn around and face whatever you have been running from, what it is you most fear. The illusionary nature of a fear can only be seen and be dissolved when you are intimately close with it. In that moment, you choose a ‘with path’ (instead of flight or fight) and Divinity is experienced profoundly.

New Year Reading for 2011

The December 2010 Insights from the Edge is the reading I did on 30 December about what to expect in 2011. It is a beautiful and useful teaching that speaks of three main ways to approach 2011 with ‘the wind at your back’: (1) Understand that collective intent (groups) is both your downfall and your superpower, (2) Put down your past and (3) Live in conversation with your body. There are fascinating insights related to those three aspects as well as to the future of humanity, rising temperatures and the coming disintegration of groups that are based on judgment

Working with Rejection

The November Insights deals with a topic familiar to all of us – rejection. The reading speaks of both the inevitability and necessity of rejection to a full, focused life and opens up ways of working with this experience. It also introduces an extremely useful concept, your ‘bottom line state of wellbeing’, in which it is suggested that we invest ourselves more than in attempting to control our circumstances.

The Secret of Showing Up

In ‘The Secret of Showing Up’, the October Insights From the Edge, two invaluable distinctions get drawn: the difference between real change and cut-and-past change and the difference between showing up in a particular way and simply showing up. These distinctions can free you up in a number of areas of life, including exercise, parenting, saving and, in particular, your relationships with other people and with Divinity. This is a very important teaching for anyone with the tendency for low energy, or withdrawal.

The Camino and a Walking Stick

The September Insights From the Edge is a magnificent system for stillness. It uses the age-old concept of a pilgrimage, or Camino, and inverts this to invite you onto an inward walk, a journey to your own core. As part of this teaching there is a separate visualisation called The Six Pools, which can be used as a daily tool, or walking stick, to guide you on your own path inward. No book, teacher, philosophy or system can ever mean more than this, your own direct experience with your real self, or divinity.

Desire and Sexuality

‘Desire and Sexuality’ is the theme of the August Insights From the Edge. It begins by outlining three truths that help us navigate with our desires without being consumed by them – a very useful blending of Buddhist observation with recent teachings on Joy. The teaching then moves on to a celebration of human sexuality and intimacy – stretching these ideas far beyond the ways in which we regularly express / contain ourselves in this area.

The Fall

To me, the two most revolutionary concepts that have arisen from my readings in the last three years are, firstly, that the purpose of life is Joy and, secondly, that we don’t climb to the next level of existence, we surrender to it. It is the latter which is beautifully introduced in the July Insights From the Edge. Entitled ‘The Fall’, this teaching begins with a visualization and goes on to explain that if we make life a process of continually loosening our identity, we will always be evolving and will experience ourselves as ageless.

Celebrating the Question

This month’s Insights From the Edge, which you can subscribe to or buy on a once-off basis from our online store, is called Celebrating the Question – I love it! It calls on us to value our questions as the mechanism for forward movement and to be careful of overvaluing answers / solutions as well as the providers of answers / solutions i.e. our teachers. The reading also raises the question of whether the purpose of life is to achieve something and explains clearly the three effects of being motivated by a destination, rather than a deepening.

Living Lightly

The May 2010 Insights From the Edge, which you can subscribe to or buy on a once-off basis from our online store, is called Living Lightly. More than just inviting us to recognise that in a state of play we are more receptive to learning, creativity, risk and imagination, this teaching takes the notion of lightness right to the cliff-edge when it asks whether we will play our big roles in life better or worse after putting down our ‘backpack full of rocks’ (burdens). At times, it seems quite scary to me to take life lightly but the arguments put forward in this teaching are compelling. Take a read.

The Art of Surrender

The April 2010 Insights From the Edge is called ‘The Art of Surrender’. It explains clearly what surrender is and isn’t, lists the Four Steps to Surrender as well as its magnificent effects: stillness, grace and being in the middle of the flow of love.

Walk of Life

The March 2010 Insights From the Edge is called ‘The Walk of Life’. It starts off with an interactive story and ends up offering a fascinating new way to choose, listen and live…

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