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Readings and Coaching

Angela’s Readings

‘Readings’ is the word I use to describe the intuitive, or channelling, sessions that I have been doing for the last nine years and which have taught me most of what I know. As a reading starts, a door opens in my awareness (don’t ask me how!) and I can access insight of a high level for you. This insight can come in the form of suggestions for activity or attitude change in order to move beyond stuckness, greater clarity of purpose and / or role in this lifetime, underlying life themes and, in particular, next steps to take to increase your awareness or Joy. You can be sure that whatever would be most beneficial for you to receive at the time is what you will be shown.

My readings are not usually focused on specific circumstances and are not at all predictive or prescriptive. There is simply no evolutionary value, let alone respect, in you being told what to do and what not to do. Rather, you will be shown the bigger-picture significance of where and how you are right now. If you are desperate to be told what to choose, what will happen or what did happen, this is not the place for you.

A reading is really more of a conceptual, or philosophical, teaching directed at where you happen to be right now. It often makes use of accessible metaphors to convey understanding and is usually gentle, powerful and humorous in tone. The language is always very deliberate and contains many layers of meaning with which to work. As all sessions are recorded, it is possible for you to re-listen to a reading many times in order to fully make use of all that is given.

Here is a transcript of a reading, edited slightly, and entitled Working with Rejection.

If you are open and receptive, you might also experience more than simply information during a reading. Many people leave a session in a deep state of peace, having had a real-time experience (not just knowledge) of being wildly loved. Readings are also known to create physical shifts and most people notice changes in their bodies after being exposed to the high energy. These have included thirst, tiredness and mild headaches as a result of release, as well as improved sleep and decreased physical pain.

I have learned that, above all, life / divinity/ source wants us to experience joy and it will always choose the most effective and appropriate way to invite us into that. It’s an extreme privilege, and huge fun, for me to share in this outpouring of love and respect for humanity from our divine.

I also offer Baby Readings – this is a conversation with an unborn child between 20 and 35 weeks. These are all very different, as you might imagine, but offer a small glimpse into the essence, themes or dreams of a new little human being.

Readings can be done face-to-face or long distance. They take an hour and cost R1500.00 . Please contact Garrick to book.

When to have a reading and when to do coaching

A reading is unlikely to give you a solution, a specific direction or a ‘yes / no, should / shouldn’t’ response. What it will do is give you a shiny, new perspective on where you are and open up a higher path of expansion and joy for you.

A reading is useful when:

• You want to see a higher or wiser perspective on where you’re at
• You want to advance your growth consciously
• You want to be taught the deepest truths you can
• You want to experience being fully seen as well as fully loved

Coaching is useful when:

• You want to work through the details of a very specific issue (e.g. creating a new career)
• You want a safe, un-judging space in which to express how you’re feeling
• You want some guidance on how to practically proceed in a particular area
• You want encouragement and / or advice

Angela’s Coaching

I am not a conventionally trained coach and don’t follow a specific methodology as many of these seem too narrow, boring and slow for me. My style is influenced by ontology, neuro-linguistic programming and, most of all, the theoretical and practical teachings of the intuitive work I have done for thousands of hours.

A distinguishing factor of my coaching is that it focuses on a client’s joy rather than directly on his / her success. This critical distinction ensures the following:

• Clients do not set traditional goals, but are instead guided to free themselves from over-identifying with personality, situation or other content-related issues. The being of the person is addressed by means of the doing and not vice versa.

• Where dreams are authentic and whole, clients will not work towards these with a to-do list and deadlines, but instead be coached into greater amounts of permission, learning and non-resistance, allowing the dream to take form gracefully and not by force.

Real-life examples:

David is a senior management consultant in a high-performing international firm. He is bright, driven and knowledgeable about his industry and clients. Yet, in the high-pressured arena in which he operates, he finds himself full of self-doubt, constantly ‘freaked out’ and stressed. Besides the impact this is having on his internal and physical well-being it is also undoubtedly influencing his ability to produce creative work and to hold his own amongst senior members of the team.

We did not immediately set goals for David to get promoted or land an enviable client. We did not simply write out some affirmations or make him meditate for half an hour before work. While both of those methodologies can work, they are just that – methodologies – and without deep and unambiguous permission methodologies on their own are a great waste of time, effort and enthusiasm.

So we set to work to uncover the story behind David’s participation in that environment. We discovered a profound pattern: David was relating to his firm in exactly the same way as he relates to his parents (trying very hard to win approval and attention) and to his peers in the same way as to his siblings (fearful to play a leadership role). He had simply replicated his home life at work and precisely the same dynamics were of course unravelling.
Without addressing David’s relationship to authority and parenting no amount of affirmations, exercises, leadership programmes or meditation would have truly shifted the underlying story and its subsequent effects on David’s performance at work. Precisely one week after being made aware of this pattern (just being made aware, no effort, no forcing) he was moved to an enviable client.

Jenny, on the other hand, had a very specific dream of wanting to own and run a school. She visibly brightened when she spoke about this vision, and she was not holding any ambiguity or doubt about what she wanted. Yet she did doubt that she was allowed to have it, and this was being reflected in the manner in which particular family members were reacting to her ideas. In one session of coaching, we recognized Jenny’s clarity of vision and her ability to make it real. Two weeks after that, she found the perfect premises, as well as the capital, to begin building her school.

I don’t mean to make this sound easy. Probing, honest self-inquiry is not! But, once the scaffolding of a belief is collapsed, then all related behaviours and blocks must soon shift.

What’s important to recognize is that the promotion, or the dream getting established, is not the aim of the coaching nor, indeed, of life. Our purpose is in our becoming and not in our doing. I am passionate about releasing clients from fears, limiting stories or self doubt to be enabled to follow their bliss, but the real point of my work is in supporting the emergence of the wise, creative, joyful being.

Coaching sessions are 60 minutes long and can happen at my offices in Westcliff, Johannesburg, or over Skype. They cost R1100.00 per session or R3900.00 for a package of four.

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