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My name is Angela Vivienne Deutschmann and I was born in 1975 in Johannesburg, South Africa where I currently live.

After au pairing in Spain for a year following my schooling, I spent some years at university studying English and African literature. Since then I’ve held jobs in the academic, development and corporate arenas, including my most recent position as independent consultant on transformation.

I was exposed to guardian angels, reincarnation and other elements of
spiritualism at a very young age by my maternal granny and great aunties, both of whom are automatic writers. These understandings came very naturally to me, though I abandoned them to devout Christianity during my years at boarding school in Bloemfontein.

Christianity served to cultivate a loving relationship with Jesus as well as to
develop gifts such as prophecy and speaking in tongues. I see now that my ability to channel the spiritual realm was born in those early years of church-going, though these ended when I went to university and rebelled against a faith that, to me, had encouraged guilt, fear and moral superiority.

Next I pursued the intellectual path, thinking that I would find fulfillment and
answers by obtaining two cum laude degrees, leading intellectual organisations on campus and becoming a world championship debater.
Instead I was even more discontent and also manifested poly-cystic ovarian syndrome as a direct reflection of the aggressive and competitive world I had created for myself.

After university I devoted myself to spiritual exploration ranging from Buddhism to Zen. I found awesome joy and wisdom in the Kryon channellings and felt that the Ascension path was definitely one that I intended to walk.

Yet only after completing two workshops at The Centre of Light early in 2004 have I been absolutely sure of my purpose and walking it with magnificence. The Turning Point and Joyspring workshops opened me up to my highest wisdom and soon thereafter I began to channel professionally.

I currently conduct readings and workshops full-time and am beginning to publish the knowledge that I am privileged to be exposed to. Increasing this delight is my awesome partnership with Garrick and our sons Joshua
and Daniel.

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With love

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