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Baby Blessing Ceremony

It’s available to have wonderful and revealing conversations with babies, both born and unborn. In the same way that I can translate wisdom from your higher mind to your conscious one during a reading, I can do the same between you and your baby.

Often these conversations reveal some of the contracts, relationship dynamics and challenges that a child is working with, other times there are distinct messages for the parents or siblings about themselves, or about opportunities that the child would like. Not all babies are equally communicative, but there is always something that they appreciate sharing.

If you’d like to talk with your born, unborn or miscarried child, there are two options available:

A Personal Reading of One Hour

It’s very unlikely that a child will communicate for this length of time, especially one that is still in the first or second trimester of pregnancy, but the remainder of the time can be dedicated to you. You are most welcome to bring people along to this session.

R1500.00 Office Hours

A Baby Blessing Ceremony

If you are more interested in celebrating the impending arrival of your baby with a meaningful event shared with close friends rather than, say, drinking lemonade out of a potty, then I can facilitate a baby blessing ceremony for you. This comprises a short reading (conversation with baby) and some processes that involve everyone contributing in some way to the new parents and baby (writing notes to be read at the birth, decorating a birthing candle, expressing gratitude to the parents etc). These events have very sacred moments, but are also very funny because the sharing is real and people are not in the shallow spirit that sometimes characterises more traditional showers.

R1500.00 plus travel to your venue.  Reading Only.
R2000.00 plus travel to your venue.  Blessing Ceremony (includes reading and group participation processes).
R2500.00 plus travel to your venue.  Blessing Ceremony (as above plus Birthing Candle).

Both of these events are available for born or unborn children, and personal readings can be had about miscarried babies as well. If you’d like a conversation with a born child, there is no need for them to be present, though it does help if I meet them beforehand.

I would not suggest having readings about children older than 6, unless they themselves would like it and are present. All communication of this kind requires permission given on some level from the person who is the subject of the reading. My experience is that, generally, younger children are still very open energetically and older ones (like us adults) need to give conscious, clear permission for anything to be available. The best time for a reading about a child (as opposed to for them) is between 7 months in utero and 4 years old.

Please contact Garrick if you are interested in any of these events.

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