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Corporate Interventions

There is a great deal of transformative potential in teams and organisations if the growth and wellbeing of people is positioned as an equal, if not superior, target to the growth and wellbeing of the organisation.

With that proviso in mind, Angela offers the following interventions in an organisational realm:

Inspirational Talks

Angela’s talks introduce new, mind-opening concepts to shift groups out of old paradigms and into new degrees of responsibility and personal power. Every seminar has an interactive component where attendants are welcome to pose personal questions and encouraged to apply the knowledge to their own circumstances there and then with exercises and games.

Angela has extensive public speaking experience locally and internationally and brings a rare professionalism to matters of personal growth.

Topics include, but are not restricted to:

When the Shift Hits the Fan: The Purpose and the Porpoise response

In this talk, personal growth expert Angela Deutschmann, speaks of two possible responses to tough times: the Porpoise response, taking fewer risks and becoming less creative or the Purpose response, using increased limitations and uncertainty to step closer to your real passion and joy. Drawing on her extensive knowledge of personal development as well as case studies and her own experience, Angela presents challenging circumstances not as something to survive but as something from which to thrive.

What Does It Mean to be Spiritual?

What with all the chanting, chakras and charmers out there, things can seem a bit kooky to someone wanting to start exploring their spiritual growth. Angela Deutschmann cuts through the new age jargon to provide a clear look at what it means to ‘be spiritual’ and how to distinguish the adventure from the adverts. A must for those who are new on the metaphysical highway, or those who are getting weary of the trek.

Exploring your Life Purpose

The most frequently asked question by modern-day seekers is ‘what am I supposed to be doing?’ All of us intuit a sense of purpose to our lives, but how the hell are you supposed to find it? Angela Deutschmann discusses the concept of life purpose from a whole new angle, providing liberation, clarity…and lots of homework!


One of the hallmarks of Angela’s work is the notion of ‘Committing to your Joy’. In this seminar she discusses why that is the only way to navigate through the muddy waters of life, why it becomes even more important to do so in tough times and how to begin to identify your Joys. The material is evocative and radical in its implications for a changed life.

Parenting for Personal Growth

The experience of being a parent can rattle even the most confident, intelligent and experienced among us. How can someone so small reduce us to becoming so, well, small? If you are dedicated to your parenting, keen to do things differently from the previous generation and are open-minded enough to take on board a startling new perspective, you will find great benefit (and relief!) from this seminar by Angela Deutschmann.

JoyMap Workshop

Most New Year’s resolutions or any kind of goal-setting exercises, are likely to fail for two reasons: Firstly, they are usually based on what you think you should do, rather than what you deeply want to do. In other words, the goals are set only from your head. Failure to sustain these resolutions breeds a sense of self-recrimination, your esteem drops and a cycle of subtle disappointment begins. Secondly, even when your goals are truly aligned with your joy, they may be unrealistic and difficult to integrate into your life as it is now. Why not do it differently and begin to sculpt your life – practically - from joy?

Angela has designed a number of unusual, innovative processes to assist you to see what you really want (which is notoriously difficult to do) and to find real, creative and achievable ways to integrate this into your current life with nothing needing to change.
Two participants’ experiences:

‘Being the OCD personality type, I am constantly making lists and working towards “goals” and setting new year’s resolutions throughout the year, because how else can a person exist…. Ha ha – I found a delicious way yesterday…I spent the day with Angela, a friend and wise woman, and started learning about me and what I am passionate about as opposed to what I think or believe I have to be passionate about…
The word goal didn’t even enter my mind and yet I have these BIG dreams that I announced yesterday and have started towards them…not because I have to, but because I cannot wait any longer …

‘I am still taking in the incredible gift of the JoyMap workshop. I found the insights I gained profound and far reaching in terms of how I want to see my life unfolding. It certainly has a) given me permission to focus on my joy without feeling guilty and b) made joy so much more of a focus in my day to day life’

Minimum 6, Maximum 8. Time required: 7 – 8 hours


Angela’s style of coaching is unique, incorporating elements of ontology, spirituality and creativity to shift clients and groups into deeper levels of:

• self awareness
• personal integrity in relation to organisational values
• clarity of vision and
• joy

Packages can be tailored to the specific requirements of teams, but it is suggested that a coaching relationship of at least 3 to 6 months be explored for maximum value.

Team Growth Events

Angela’s view is that personal and team development is at its most effective when people are having fun.

For that reason she designs team processes and games that have a lighthearted tone, yet which are engaging with real issues of stuckness, conflict or misalignment.

She can customise processes for the particular demands of a group, though she is most known for her expert and intuitive facilitation of the Vision Board process and the Transformation Game.

Joy Boarding

The value of my Joy Board process (previously called Vision Board) lies in its ability to access insight from your right brain – using silence, images and guided visualisation. You will not just be pasting pictures on a board of what you think you want - you will be engaging with the gems of awareness from that seldom-used, delicious field of your imagination. In this way, your board might tell you a few things about what you want in 2014 that you don’t yet know you know.

Minimum 6, Maximum 10. Time required: 3 – 4 hours

For more information on how to book one of these events please email Garrick or call +27844608667.

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