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2010 New Year Reading (30MB)

The 2010 New Year reading is especially full and rich. In particular, it raises the following themes: (1) the shift back to the individual taking responsibility for creating their own spiritual path(2) the drive of the universe this year (and always) to bring to you what will make you whole, not what will intellectually please you, (3), human relationships ‘hotting up’ and it becoming more and more difficult to hide and (4) results cannot be obtained by trying harder at the same things; only by raising your vibration with joy. There is also some fascinating information about water, the rising temperature of the human body and an increased focus on health and integrity. Be ready to ‘sink in’ to an intense year!

A New Look at Stress October Group Reading (24MB)

One topic was given most of the attention at the October group reading: the state of 'un-rest' and 'un-peace' that most adults in our culture experience as regular and normal. The reading spoke of the signs and effects of being in un-rest (commonly known as stress) and three steps to choosing differently. There was also a wonderful distinction given (and fleshed out in response to the question at the end) between focusing your energy on manifesting what you want as opposed to focusing your energy on bringing or expressing what you want. A turn-around realisation!

September Group Reading (30MB)

September's group reading made use of an embroidery analogy to suggest that the place / consciousness we are coming from is far more significant than what we actually do. Secondly, there was a useful and topical explanation about the law of attraction and what it truly correlates to (not cognitive intent but the whole vibration of the self, on all levels). Questions that were asked were how to sit in the paradox of effortless vs. action as well as how to make sure that we can truly give full permission in each moment. A full, and very valuable, conversation.

August Group Reading (19MB)

Three things were addressed in the August group reading: (1) How to use the power of groups to achieve your personal goals, (2) Judging something or someone by its effect and not its inherent nature and (3) The ingredients and baking instructions for miracles! There was also brief mention to those who suffer from headaches, to observe their thinking carefully as headaches always correlate - in some form or another - to quality of thought.

July Group Reading (24MB)

July's group reading compared divinity with an 'usher' showing you to your seat with a spotlight, but only one step at a time. It urged us to become peaceful with getting illumination and resources one step at a time instead of way in advance. There was also a strong invitation to become aware of our personal energy efficiency - spending time or attention on things that are not aligned with us consumes energy, but devoting ourselves to our joy produces energy. Mention was also made of grace - what it is, and how to surrender to it. Once again, we were invited not to simply resort to stimulants when our energy is low but to become aware of why we are out of alignment in that moment.

June Group Reading (24MB)

The June group reading invited us to release three things: (1) the idea of one spiritual path (2) the idea that life is about success, perfection or enlightenment (when instead it's about creating) and (3) the idea that we would be happy if life delivered to our door everything we think we wanted just as we wanted it. There was also some detailed response to a question about how to release and an observation that anxiety levels are higher than normal and to take care not to overdo it on stimulants at this time.

Teachings on Power (25MB)

May's group reading addresses the fascinating topic of Power - what it is, what it isn't and how to unequivocally give permission to live in a powerful way. The suggestion is given that many people who have chosen to live in a loving, spiritually orientated way, have an ambiguous relationship with power, which is why they enjoy far less influence in the world than they should. A very compelling conversation.

A Grand Invitation (18MB)

The group reading on the 26th of April is a majestic one.  It discusses one subject only: who we believe ourselves to be in relation to God.  The reading offers an alternative to being either puppet or a student of divinity.  Practical analogies and a revolutionary invitation.

Come Back to Yourself (23MB)

This reading from the 22nd of March highlights three areas in which we may have lost ourselves - personal growth ('we see that sometimes the search eclipses the seeker'), our relationships to our bodies and being at the mercy of things like predictions, time, global events and other cycles. There is a lovely comparison between life and a game of rugby as well as the promise of a divine visit....

Empowered Eating (23MB)

The March group reading starts off with a reminder about the significance of our attention and a suggestion to be aware and deliberate about what we do with it. The majority of the conversation after that focuses on the aspect of eating and food, with clear and radical information about becoming truly empowered in this area of our lives. The questions also deal with eating and open up even more detail about how to approach food in a free way. There is a third point raised about parenting and how to be 'responders' rather than initiators to our children.

Group Reading 15th February JHB (16MB)

The February group reading speaks clearly about 'the new world' we are experiencing at the moment where very little is sure and many are feeling that life is chaotic and fast. The reading gives some suggestions for coping with this, including taking very good care of our bodies and realising 'the power of permission'.

New Year's Reading 2008/2009 (22MB)

This reading gives five suggestions, or invitations, as a ‘survival kit’ for thriving in the next cycle: (1) becoming a creator in relation to all aspects of our lives, (2) recognizing that certain ideas / products / lifestyles are going to spread very rapidly, (3) moving our bodies regularly in order to avoid carrying anything unnecessarily, (4) healing our sexuality to unlock our creativity and (5) shifting from a ‘waste mentality’ to an ‘efficiency mentality’. The questions asked have to do with whether certain geographical spots have higher consciousness potential, e.g. South Africa, and what happens when certain modalities like Reiki have unintended consequences.

Clearing Out (22MB)

The November group reading spells out clearly that the opportunity for unearthing or clearing out is still ripe, though this will change shortly. It gives detailed suggestions about clearing out (1) our misconceptions about life (especially unpleasant experiences) and God (2) our attachment to relationships being perfect and (3) the ways in which we ‘dam up’ the flow of money.

Some of the questions asked include ‘how much of our lives do we have control over’ and ‘what does it mean when the same things happen to us over and over again’.



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The sound files above are free and available for you to download, copy and distribute as you see fit. Its copyright, however, prohibits sale in any form except by the producer.