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Is your heart big enough to fall in love with your body – forever?

If you want to love an imperfect, ageing, disabled or diseased body,
If you want to ‘get back in’ to your body after years spent firmly in your head,
If you want to interpret and use the messages from your body or
If you want your body to become an integral part of your purpose and spiritual path,

There is no more powerful process than Embody.

Our bodies, like everything else, are communicators to us. They communicate our divinity, in an immediate, uncomplicated manner. Our bodies are as profound a source of wisdom to us as our minds and spirits. They are faithfully attuned to our highest path, even though we are ashamed of them, hate them and, more often that not, attempt to control their expression.

At Embody, we will have a close look at your relationship with your body and uncover any shaming and blaming. You’ll engage powerfully with your past, habits, hates and the things you do when you think no-one else is watching. There will be no requirement to share or do anything unless you wish to but the opportunity will be there to release all your secret shames, pain and fears about your body.

It is not us who are meant to shape our bodies, it is our bodies which are meant to shape us.

We will be using unique, liberating processes, the splendour of the natural environment (outdoor pools, stone labyrinth) and the power of working in a small group to assist you to breakthrough that which prevents you from being in awe of your body.

This is a workshop that will require vulnerability, courage and compassion. It is designed to make you uncomfortable or scared, if any fear or shame about your body exists in you. If you have it in you to play, you can finally surrender your shame and self-hatred and form an unconditionally loving partnership with your body for life.

Graduates have reported real and sustainable results including losing weight, creating long-term relationships, letting go of deep-seated habits and changing careers.

If you are brave enough to fully see and own your own body, compassionate enough to accept the bodies of others and wild enough to fall unconditionally in love with your body – forever - then I invite you to Embody.

To see what past participants had to say about their experience of the workshop click here.  To listen to the Embody talk and hear about the benefits of the process click here.

Date: 7 to 9 April 2017
Venue: Melody Hill Retreat, Magaliesburg
Cost: R 7 500.00 includes full accommodation, delicious meals, 30 hours of personalised input from two expert facilitators and exclusive use of this magnificent lodge and labyrinth

Payment plans available

To book contact Garrick at +27844608667 or click here.

25% deposit secures booking.

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