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The Joy of Money

Hi everyone

For those who managed – or did not manage – to join us on Tuesday evening for a fantastic webinar, here is the link to the recording for you:

Webinar recording

It’s an hour long and covers The Four Breakthrough Truths about Joy and Money, as well as an introduction to the Four Joy Quadrants in which we need to invest in order to revolutionise our relationship with this important, and wonderful, part of life.

Feel free to share this recording with anyone you think might enjoy it.

If you’d like to take this work further, you can enrol for my complete Joy Of Money Programme.

The Joy of Money Programme – by Angela Deutschmann

100 Days to a 100% Joyful Relationship with Money

•    Ten modules sent to you every ten days
•    10 to 30 minute audio talk
•    Plus worksheets, ‘quick tricks’, reading suggestions and practical processes
•    Will require at least three to four hours of work every ten days
•    R 2 350.00 all inclusive

Here are the names of the tools and books I mentioned in the webinar have been most helpful to me:

1. – an unrivalled and free web-based tool for cleaning up the clutter of your finances. It is South African so you can link all your local accounts, and some international, and it will arrange everything for you every month.

2. Remember, my contribution is around relating to money. There are far better teachers on the practical aspects of money like debt-reduction, asset growth, money leakage and easy money management. One of the best of these – and South African to boot! – is Ann Wilson.

3. The four books I mentioned are:

Ask and It is Given – Esther Hicks

The Wealth Chef – Ann Wilson

The Magic in your Mind – U S Andersen

Money: Master the Game – Tony Robbins

None of these is itself enough, or handles fully what I will cover in my Joy of Money programme, but they are the four (of the many!) I have read that have influenced what I’m going to teach – along with a few other tips from other sources ;)

Love to you all


You can download a free talk about Embody from our website, which speaks of the origin and philosophy of the process, and answers lots of questions.

The Embody workshop is the result of my personal pain about my body. For years I was so confident, sure and present in my mind and spirituality and at the same time, so ashamed, disconnected and undeveloped in my body. I opened up all this pain and transformed it into an exceptionally powerful and unique workshop that puts you back in touch, in conversation and in love with your body even if you haven’t been there for years.

Our bodies, like everything else, are communicators to us. They communicate our divinity, in an immediate, uncomplicated manner. Our bodies are as profound a source of wisdom to us as our minds and spirits. They are faithfully attuned to our highest path, even though we are ashamed of them, hate them and, more often that not, attempt to control their expression.

It is not us who are meant to shape our bodies, it is our bodies which are meant to shape us

If you are brave enough to fully see and own your own body, compassionate enough to accept the bodies of others and wild enough to fall unconditionally in love with your body – forever - then I invite you to Embody.

One participant’s experience:

‘My Embody experience is best described when I think of the story of Beauty and the Beast! How the beast needed to find the love for who he was before he physically transformed into the gorgeous prince. I can truly appreciate what Embody puts on the table in terms of concepts and processes. Having my life structured in such a way where I am required to be constantly intellectual in all that I do and how I approach left me disconnected from my body and my basic right to FEEL as God / My Soul / Higher Power intended.

Looking back my journey at Embody, I realise how I needed to shave the layers away to start feeling again. How I needed to cut away the restraints and allow for all that was great within me to naturally surface to the light to be experienced and integrate into my consciousness. No amount of positive thinking, visualisation or any intellectual approach could have leaped me forward as Embody allowed me to be. FEELING, being PRESENT in my own skin and AWARE of my body's voice was all I needed. I had to learn to step into pain, shame and at some points even hatred! But that is the beauty of life as I realised on Embody. You feel that pain / shame / fear / hatred and then transmute and so you make space for greatness and all that is good! Amen!

I am reminded what it feels like to be safe, vulnerable and loved through my eyes! Reminded how playing big, taking risks and plunging in enables the sweet bliss of freedom and lightness to find a sweet spot in my life. Because after all, when we working with the soul and our bodies, the people that really matter will see my beauty. Thank you to Angela, Shaun and my Fellow Embody Graduates! I have been gifted with love and a new level of "being" to operate from. Amazed when one is not weighed down with the intellectual clutter picked up along the way in life, how perspective, inspired action, focus and just feeling with every cell makes one BURN with ALIVENESS and BLISS. I am grateful that I was able to step into my "beast" and found my "beauty" that I can now go forward and strengthen’. Brynmore, Management Consultant

You can also read more about this pioneering process, including stories from graduates, at Embody Workshop

Embody dates for 2017

Date: 7 to 9 April 2017
Venue: Melody Hill Retreat, Magaliesburg
Cost: R 7 500.00 includes full accommodation, delicious meals, 30 hours of personalised input from two expert facilitators and exclusive use of this magnificent lodge and labyrinth

Payment plans available

To book: Contact Garrick at +27844608667 or


If you are suffering from burn-out, injury, anxiety, overwhelm or fatigue, Garrick’s tremoring work will bring you both short-term relief and a long-term stress management habit. You can do this gentle, transformative work one-on-one with him, or in a group, and he offers a money-back guarantee on results.

Parenting Lightly

I’m delighted to have made available my first ebook: ‘Parenting Lightly – the Five Pillars of Raising Children with Joy’, which can be purchased for R55 from our website. This book does not examine parenting techniques but, more importantly, a fundamental parenting philosophy. It invites you to be truly available to your child rather than internally enslaved to an idea of who they are supposed to become or what kind of parent you’re supposed to be. I have also turned this approach into a talk if any of you / your networks would be interested.

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