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One 2017

Hi everyone

Welcome to the unexplored territory and new possibilities of 2017!

It fills me with excitement and a sense of privilege to continue to work with people who are deeply – bravely - committed to their own joy and a continuous seeing of the truth of who they are.

I’m delighted to share with you in this newsletter my offerings for supporting and stretching your personal growth in 2017. I trust that, with renewed purpose and more loving focus on your dreams than before, you will experience some of the harvesting of seeds that I know many of you have planted and been growing in yourself for a long time.

It would be a gift to play a role in vitalising and expanding your healing, dreaming, creating and resting this year.

To start, I have ten places available on a JoyBoard process next Wednesday night 18 January. A JoyBoard experience (distinct from traditional Vision Boarding) uses stillness, creativity and focussed choice to reveal the clear thread of your desire and direction for the next step of the journey. It’s a fun evening, with significant outcome.

While my private sessions (coaching and readings) will be considerably more scarce, I have created two incredible two-day workshops to teach the beautiful material I’ve been developing over the last twelve years. Please see the details below for the four Renegade Self-Love and two JoyMap workshops being run this year. There is more insight, shift and inspiration available in these two days than from months of other work.

We are also offering an Embody workshop in 2017 as it is still a massive mission of mine to return people to the joy of being in a human body, and I am opening one Growth Club in Johannesburg from the end of January for a small group of truly committed peeps who will work with me intimately for the whole year.

For self-teaching we offer an online course in The Joy of Money and The Joy of Eating, which allow you to work with rich content and processes in your own time.

Garrick will be starting a programme this year called Woo, aimed at balancing the masculine and feminine expressions in women and helping to position women to attract and maintain magnificent relationships. He also runs TRE group classes and private / family sessions in your own home if you’d like to use the powerful tremoring mechanism of the body to heal old injuries, reconnect with your essential self and shake out your stress.

For those who don’t know I’m delighted to have teamed up with an exceptional organisation called Lockstep ( to deliver my particular brand of personal growth teaching to top leaders in progressive and conscious business environments. Contact me for a chat if you’d like to bring this beautiful and cutting-edge work into your own organisation.

I’d like to close by reminding you of an extraordinary sentence that came out of a reading I did last year. To me, it explains everything that’s ‘wrong’ with the world and is the reason my life is devoted to the deepest growth of myself and my tribe:

‘You will never be able to show up more magnificently than the story you are telling about yourself’.

With big love

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For info and bookings please contact or 084 460 8667.

2017 Opportunities

JoyBoard Evening

There are lots of ways and teachers that can help with healing or being more effective with our actions, but very few that seem to be able to offer us much help in doing accurate and inspiring dreaming. My unique JoyBoard process is a fun and revealing way to access your true desires at any point in time using imagery, focussed choice, silence as well as input from me.

Your JoyBoard will provide you with both information about your dreams and also a visual aid for keeping in touch with them on them. A gentle, creative, insightful evening that is very useful at the start of a cycle.

New Year Joyboard    Wednesday 18 January    7pm R625

Mid Year Joyboard    Wednesday 28 June          7pm R625

Growth Club – Johannesburg only

If you’d like to grow in awareness and deepen your Joy within a small, safe community over the course of a whole year, there is one intake for a Growth Club in January 2017. This group of six to eight people travels a fascinating and transformative journey with me and each other through the four domains of Joy. It is a closely facilitated and supportive space for big change.

Cost for year of membership (11 evening sessions): R 6 800.00

Enrol by 20 January 2017

JoyMap Workshop

From all my learning in over a decade of running a devoted, edgy and intuitive personal growth practice, I have created a simple model for how to switch from suffering to Joy as your navigation system through life. While this isn’t easy, it is amazingly helpful to have a clear map for something as internal and ‘fuzzy’ as personal growth - with four distinct areas of focus that can be understood and courageously allowed.

In this two-day workshop we will deeply explore the four pillars of the JoyMap: Heal, Dream, Create and Rest. These are the four massive and non-negotiable areas of investment needed for real Joy. You’ll learn the true meaning of each, what ‘muscle’ in you it is meant to develop, what permissions it requires, how you know when you do and don’t need to pay attention to that area and what both addiction and resistance to each particular pillar looks like. We’ll also explore the practical issues of what mechanisms you can use to get strong in each area and I’ll share with you my favourite tools and tricks for helping my clients choose Joy using this model.

This workshop will give you a powerful and life-long tool to help with understanding and steering your own inner path and significantly reduce any dependence on external teachers.

Cape Town

22 and 23 April    9am to 5pm    R 3 850.00    Cellars-Hohenort Hotel


10 and 11 June    9am to 5pm    R 3 850.00    Jo’burg Country Club

Minimum 6 maximum 20 participants


Book for two and pay R 3 300 per person

Book for three and pay R 3 000 per person

Book for five and pay R 2 800 per person


EMBODY is an exceptional, cutting-edge experience and is my signature workshop. It has helped hundreds of people end the war with food, exercise, sexuality, appearance, ageing, disease and self-criticism and finally inhabit their bodies peacefully and happily. This is big work and requires us to bravely and safely engage with the pain and shame lying underneath our surface choices and let it go. To do this we need a small group, a safe and sacred space and two very experienced, kind and intuitive facilitators.

If you’re interested in this workshop, please contact us ASAP. It runs once this year on April 7 – 9 in the Magaliesberg.


Renegades turn away from a past allegiance and - no matter how daring, unknown or crazy - have the guts to commit to new beliefs and thus a new way of life. This is also what it takes to choose self-love. It requires that we stop identifying with our masks and instead pledge ourselves to our true nature. This is no less exciting, scary or massive in its implications than revolution - indeed self-love always brings revolution, internal and external.

In this two-day workshop we will explore the fundamental nature of 'love' and 'self' and, in real, vivid ways we will go and look at the layers (both the ugly and the alluring) that you've packed between your persona and your essence. Using two particular tools - the Enneagram and Self-Enquiry - you'll learn how to know, and face, your masks intimately in order to drop them.

In the process, we face our biggest fears and reveal an un-thinkable perfection.

Cape Town

18 and 19 February    9am to 5pm    R 3 850.00    Cellars-Hohenort Hotel

2 and 3 September    9am to 5pm    R 3 850.00    Cellars-Hohenort Hotel


6 and 7 May            9am to 5pm    R 3 850.00    JHB Country Club

14 and 15 October    9am to 5pm    R 3 850.00    JHB Country Club

Minimum 6 maximum 20 participants


Book for two and pay R 3 300 per person

Book for three and pay R 3 000 per person

Book for five and pay R 2 800 per person

The Joy of Money Online Programme

100 days to a 100% Shift in Your Relationship with Money

Trying to change your money behaviours without changing your core relationship to it is a little like trying to correct a broken arm with a plaster. There is amazing expertise available to us on how to cut expenses, clear debt and grow wealth but in order to feel inspired and committed enough to actually use these we have to first develop a whole, balanced and joyful position towards money.

This online course will take you with detail and care through your Four Magic Powers with money - Heal, Dream, Create and Rest. You'll receive the insights and the practical processes to becoming a money wizard, based on my Four Breakthrough Money Truths:

1. To work wisely with money (like anything else) you have to teach yourself to bring love to it
2. Transforming your relationship with money is not purely a material shift. It is a spiritual shift, which demands all the self-awareness, guts, vulnerability and growth of any other spiritual practice
3. If you want a radically different daily reality around money, you have to be willing to change your beliefs and your practices radically too (if you dare!)
4. To create more money you must embody a consciousness of sufficiency BEFORE you have the material evidence of it.

The programme comprises downloadable audio teachings, worksheets and processes to get things going quickly, and for real.

R 2 350.00

The Joy of Eating Online Programme

For most of us in this culture food is everywhere: on billboards, in magazines, at events and meetings, not to mention available at every street corner and often with 24-hour, easy access. This means that if food is fraught with anxiety for you, associated with ‘good-bad’ labels and the need for major willpower, you are in a battle with yourself nearly all your waking hours. It’s this battle itself that wears you down, attacks your self-worth and paradoxically makes you too exhausted and full of self-defeat to ever be in the right place to make joyful choices.

I know of only one way to stop this battle, come back home to yourself and teach yourself -bite-by-bite - how to eat. I’ve done it myself, and I’ve taught it for years on my Embody workshop. Listen to my free talk here to understand more and to discover The Top Ten Eating Mistakes.

The Joy of Eating Programme comprises ten modules of downloadable audio teachings, worksheets and processes to get things going quickly, and for real. We will work through every element of un-joyful eating so that you are finally free to drop this war and derive deep and peaceful pleasure from food.

R 2 350.00

TRE (Trauma Release Exercises)

There are serious limitations on your ability to live, love and succeed if your body and mind are tense. TRE is a relatively new method to assist you to release your daily stress and past trauma. We use a series of physical stretches to induce a neurogenic tremor and these tremors move in your body to where there is tension and proceed to "shake" it loose. It is an extremely effective system and completely natural. TRE also has the added benefit that after several sessions you will be empowered to tremor on your own without the need of a facilitator.

Single Private Session


Package of Six

R 2 200.00

Group Session (Monday nights 6 – 7pm PLEASE BOOK)

R200.00 pp


In my coaching practice I aim to create a space where a client feels deeply known, seen and loved and then we simply stretch into making more and more choices from joy rather than from fear, or habit. I have no coaching template, or style, other than close listening, an attitude of genuine care and, perhaps, a little help from beyond.

In 2017 I am only able to work with ten coaching clients at one time and these should be truly committed folk, intent on significant personal work. Preference for sessions will be given to those people on a coaching package. I’m available in Johannesburg, Cape Town and on Skype but please note that bookings will need to be made around three weeks in advance.

We have adjusted our rates to more accurately reflect market value and we have also changed our sessions from 50 minutes to an hour in length.

Single Session

R 1 100.00

Package of four

R 3 900.00

Important Note for Coaching Clients

Please note that my coaching and reading sessions are now happening from the Lockstep offices at 80 Westcliff Drive. Please read your email confirmation carefully for full details about access and parking.

I have added in a few 8pm Skype-only sessions throughout the month, which I trust will be more convenient for some of you.


What I learn from doing intuitive readings remains the bedrock of all my work. I have not gotten used to being astonished - often gobsmacked - by the relevance and profundity of what emerges for someone in a reading. This is where I have learnt most of what I know about joy, purpose and the gift/challenges of being human. A personal reading is a special experience, an enormous gift to yourself, and is most suitable when you are interested in the biggest picture view of where you are right now. You are unlikely to require a reading more than once or twice a year.

R1 500.00 per reading (face to face or remote)