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Comments on Jump

I came home after doing JUMP, feeling in a bubble I was reluctant to leave. I had an amazing evening and time sharing al my experiences with my husband with utmost honesty and feeling safe and the result was nothing else than what I expected; unconditional love and acceptance. I realized again when I honor myself and I love myself for who I am, I am loved for who I am. I am deeply grateful to Garrick and Angela for the skillful and safe space you have created for us to make our shifts.You are masterful in facilitating and holding you participants to the next level of being. Thank you for an amazing experience. I say thank you also to myself for doing JUMP and for giving myself permission to grow and and experience joy.

Ilze van der Merwe-Alberts, Psychologist and Founder of Bella Vida Centre

Hi Angela,

Just a quick thank you note about the Jump workshop this weekend – to say that it was life changing would be a massive understatement! Im still amazed at how each process is personal and how much came up. Your and Belinda’s powers of seeing past BS and getting straight to the heart of something is simply awe inspiring. As I write this Im still in wonderment at the things I did and what I accomplished… this is definitely like pushing the fast forward button on self growth! Your being there so completely for each of us and holding us with such love is why we trusted, let go and Jumped! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Lots of Love


Hi Angela
My thoughts on jump.

Our minds are so powerful that they mask our past pain - hoping that if we ignore it for long enough it will go away and not really affect us
JUMP showed me that I was holding onto many things that I was not even aware of
Dealing with them will inevitably allow me to live my life more fully and with less passive pain jading my day to day decisions
Thank you Angela

Thanks again, I really did enjoy the process – even the painful parts


JoyMap Comments from Participants

I signed up for Angela's Joy Map workshop because it sounded like fun and the title was intriguing. At the end of that day I came to the shocking realization that my business, where I spent 80% of my time and energy, did not figure anywhere on my Joy Map! So if it wasn't bringing me joy and it certainly wasn't bringing me money, what on earth was I doing it for! In a gentle yet probing way Angela had us take a long hard look at what truly is joyful for us.

The result of that day was that I made a decision to close my business and that decision has made me feel freer and more joyful than I ever expected it to! The workshop gave me the precious gift of clarity and insight into what truly brings my Soul joy and I shall forever be grateful to Angela for guiding me to this space. A space where I am filled with excitement, anticipation and joy!!! I had asked for a sign about the way forward and boy, did I get it with this very profound workshop. Thanks doll!!! Love Di.

Joymap was such a great afternoon to take stock of my life and find out what makes me happy – and I knew there some things about my marriage that I needed to work on / prioritize and it also puts my job into perspective too. It is much easier to know that I will be happy when I can match my values to what brings me most joy.

It was brilliant! And I loved listening to Angela, she is super!

Growth Club Comments from Participants

Hi Ang

It has been very difficult to put into words how best to describe my experience in your Growth Club. The Growth Club provided me with a safe and respectful space to express my deepest pain and emotions - a place to be real, raw and authentic. Through this year long process I was able to grow, to shift, to gain such huge awareness about myself, learning to trust myself, to respect and honour my intuition and to fully experience the rawest of emotions that I would ordinarily never have had the space to do so. Your exceptionally respectful and honouring approach is hugely appreciated and your gentleness and beauty permeates in everything you do. I thank you for giving me the cushion to "land safely" through the year and my Jump process and to gain inner strength and depth. I value the privilege of having been given this blessing to learn and grow with you. A very privileged Club to be in. Thank you. You are truly who you are - an angel.

With love and hugs.

"Being challenged, encouraged and supported by a new circle of friends gave me something to look forward to every month. New perspective on my own experiences and learning from others, I know has helped me to speed up my journey to Joy. The weekend away served as the perfect climax. Beautiful surroundings, inspiring friends and an awesome facilitator. Thank you Angela and my group for amazing year together."

"Having worked with Angela this past year has been an amazing experience. I use the word experience as through her processes and methodology I have been able to move from the intellectualising and the cognitive awareness that I used to deal with life and actually start to feel, emote and engage totally differently and live the aspect of “Experience trumps Awareness”. It has been an amazing journey for me to get to this place, it is through her brilliant application of Ontology that has made this possible. Getting to this point has added huge value to not only my life but has taken my coaching to a whole new level. Spending time with the group each month and ending off with a our own tailor made Jump workshop has been invaluable to me on so many levels and has given me a lucid indication of where my Joy lies. I have had a profound shift based directly on the workshop and know that choices that I have made in the days, weeks and month following the workshop have been done with clarity and certainty that they not only add my Joy but I am liberated to follow and commit to it.

It is with huge gratitude that I express my thanks for all her support, insight and wisdom during the Growth Club and Jump workshop."

Personal Stories From Embody Participants

Wow what an experience, what a journey!
When my friend mentioned embody to me I knew instantly this was something my soul was calling for. I was tired of controlling my weight and quite frankly I was no longer getting even the temporary successes.
I could not have imagined what was in store for me. The processes were so powerful, the environment was supportive and beautiful. Angela’s guidance, and the group’s support helped me go through stuff that I had hidden somewhere in my mind not realizing how it was contributing to my habits of not honoring myself and in particular my body. I got insights on how this cascaded to other areas of my life and how I limited my joy. Some of processes were such fun, I have not danced so much in a long time and laughed so much.
I now have a renewed sense of identity and beauty. I feel energetic, light and my mind is sharp, work flows and I feel much more productive and present in my activities.
I got a complement from a neighbor who had not seen me for a couple of weeks on how beautiful I looked and were it not for the lines that she could see on my face she said, she would have thought I had plastic surgery.
Oh! Hubby is just too happy to have his wife relaxed and joyful. He says anytime I wish to go for another Embody he will sponsor!
I now have the dance teacher’s number to call this afternoon and the name of the shop to buy my dancing shoes. Will keep you posted.

Thank you so much Angela, Gerrick and everybody at Boondocks.

Much Love

My Embody experience is best described when I think of the story of Beauty and the Beast! How the beast needed to find the love for who he was before he physically transformed into the gorgeous prince. I can truly appreciate what Embody puts on the table in terms of concepts and processes. Having my life structured in such a way where I am required to be constantly intellectual in all that I do and how I approach left me disconnected from my body and my basic right to FEEL as God / My Soul / Higher Power intended.

Looking back my journey at Embody, I realise how I needed to shave the layers away to start feeling again. How I needed to cut away the restraints and allow for all that was great within me to naturally surface to the light to be experienced and integrate into my consciousness. No amount of positive thinking, visualisation or any intellectual approach could have leaped me forward as Embody allowed me to be. FEELING, being PRESENT in my own skin and AWARE of my body's voice was all I needed. I had to learn to step into pain, shame and at some points even hatred! But that is the beauty of life as I realised on Embody. You feel that pain / shame / fear / hatred and then transmute and so you make space for greatness and all that is good! Amen!

I am reminded what it feels like to be safe, vulnerable and loved through my eyes! Reminded how playing big, taking risks and plunging in enables the sweet bliss of freedom and lightness to find a sweet spot in my life. Because after all, when we working with the soul and our bodies, the people that really matter will see my beauty. Thank you to Angela, Shaun and my Fellow Embody Graduates! I have been gifted with love and a new level of "being" to operate from. Amazed when one is not weighed down with the intellectual clutter picked up along the way in life, how perspective, inspired action, focus and just feeling with every cell makes one BURN with ALIVENESS and BLISS. I am grateful that I was able to step into my "beast" and found my "beauty" that I can now go forward and strengthen’. Brynmore, Management Consultant

OUR EMBODY JOURNEY – written by a recent graduate

We all converged on Boondocks by the appointed hour, relieved to reach our destination after the last few rocky kilometres. It is hard to imagine a venue more ideal or hosts more congenial than Ann and Stuart who had thought of every little thing to make our stay in this haven of serenity and safety a happy one.

With barely time to find our rooms for the weekend, and no time to explore, we immediately got down to business. Embody is an invitation to those who are “brave enough to fully see and listen to your own body, compassionate enough to accept the bodies of others and wild enough to fall unconditionally in love with your physicality – forever”. Quite a challenge!

There we all were …. and not without a bit of trepidation at the weekend ahead of us! We started out as comparative strangers, although A, N and V had a head start on the rest of us by travelling together from Johannesburg to Boondocks. V, whose litany of abuse and pain started at the age of nine when she was robbed of her innocence. G, who had been moving through life in a self-gratifying apathy, lacking the desire and energy to honour his amazing body. M, the “giantess”, whose magnificence belied a body wracked by pain and disease and feelings of despair and hopelessness. A, who had embraced her sexuality but who still had relationship issues. N, she of the voluptuous body and mane of hair, who needed to come to terms with herself and family relationships. P, fey, nymph-like P, plagued by memories of childhood rejection and perceptions of ugliness. And me, at a turning point in my life but paralysed into inaction through fear and uncertainty.

Our first session with Angela set the tone for the weekend. She encouraged us to tell our stories without reservation and to allow ourselves to be vulnerable in order to gain maximum benefit from the weekend. We walked to the labyrinth for the first time in silence. The natural beauty of the setting beside the stream beneath the green canopy of the trees is more majestic and more sacred than any grand cathedral. For many of us it was an emotional experience. Many pent up emotions surfaced in me and spilled over, a blessed release intensified by the fact that I had been so moved by the kindness and care of G, M and V as they helped me – at times even carried me – down the steep stony path to the labyrinth with a broken ankle.

In the Friday evening session that followed we faced up to our poor body images and confronted our deepest fears, with remarkable and heart-rending results. A cast aside all inhibitions, rediscovering the joy of dance and the sweet responsiveness of her own body. I eventually found the courage to let myself fall into a safety net of strong caring arms – the ultimate soft place to land.

On Saturday, being cradled in the water by Shaun and M, and rocking them in turn, was the most astoundingly nurturing sensation. Was this how it was in the womb? At one time I felt that I was floating upside down, suspended in time and motion. What a amazing feeling, in the outdoor shower session afterwards, to be loved and loving in equal proportion, with the sun on our skins, the soft virgin spring water streaming off our skins and cascading into the valley far below. As a compulsive over-giver, I enjoyed the receiving as much as the giving.

As if this wasn’t bliss enough, my pampering continued with a massage by Shaun. My disappointment at not getting an opportunity to return the compliment was tempered by the sheer pleasure of his strong healing hands on my body and the liberating feeling of surrendering myself completely, without shame and inhibition.

And what joy and pride I felt, almost ridiculously so, to earn my robe at last! I was as happy as if I had discovered the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! I felt as powerful as if I had drawn Excalibur out of the stone!

Each time we walked the labyrinth it was a vastly different experience for me. The second time, I recognised my walk to the centre as symbolic of my life journey so far. Now, at the turning point, I face another walk ahead of me. I can choose to stay in the familiar rut of my comfort zone or I can risk stepping out boldly and forge a new path. The third time was a walk of joy, confidence and closure. Can anything describe the ethereal, surreal quality of that last labyrinth walk? Will the joy and elation we felt shine through?

Sue Fuller Good’s meditation helped me see a kaleidoscope of colours and patterns denoting a vastness of opportunity, and an inner diamond of sparkling creativity which bursts into a myriad slivers of light. The diamond stud earrings I have taken to wearing now are a daily reminder of this.

Our graduation ceremony was reminiscent of distant adolescent days. With hearts thumping with a combination of anticipation and excitement, we made our way to the ceremony room. We all looked fabulous! We stood proud and beautiful in our perfect physicality. V looked like a Greek goddess in flowing white. N looked like the statuesque embodiment of Chris de Burgh’s “lady in red”. M was regal in emerald green. Basking in the warmth of gratitude, we floated around the dance floor to our signature songs, so lovingly and appropriately chosen by Angela and Shaun.

Later that evening, floating on my back in the dam, water soft on my skin, gazing up at the star-studded midnight sky – a truly miraculous “starry starry night”, like a gazillion diamonds scattered on a black velvet cloth – I was reminded of the bursting diamond of Sue’s meditation that morning, and of a line in a hymn, that moves me to tears every time I hear it, of the “hand that flung stars into space”.

It was a weekend of sharing and bonding. We dug deep into our emotional reserves. We allowed ourselves to be vulnerable. We danced with wild abandon. We threw caution to the winds. We shed inhibitions. We took risks. We risked feeling. We risked falling. We risked finding ourselves.

The V we met on Friday didn’t walk barefoot and didn’t swim in dams, but by the end of the weekend she had done all that and more, peeling away the layers that had hidden the goddess within. Initially unemotional in the telling of her story, by the end of the weekend, her feelings were flowing, along with her tears. She found her voice and now has the confidence to be seen and heard. One weekend bridged many years of therapy and brought, at last, contentment.

G emerged from his strenuous session, sweating gloriously, committed to honouring his own physical power and recapturing his passion for life. A moment of blinding realisation after the workshop helped him to recognise the way to restore balance to his life.

A, the closet leader, revealed her magnificent true colours. She commanded full possession of her awesome power, knowing that she had given herself permission to be set free. She has been dancing with gay abandon ever since.

P embraced her inner child – that timid, freckled, “ugly” little girl – and metamorphosed, twirling and pirouetting like a beautiful, pink-winged butterfly, into a powerful, “grown-up” woman, appreciative of who and what she is.

N’s decision to face her demons and her pledge to love unconditionally so that she could receive unconditional love in return, helped her to make a breakthrough that was 32 years in the making. She is seizing life, love and a healthy lifestyle with both hands.

M surrendered herself fully to the Embody experience, keening with the anguish of challenges faced and those still to come, whooping with the joy of being alive, communing with the trees on the labyrinth (“those bloody trees”!). She delighted us with her sense of humour and inspired us with her strength and courage.

As the eldest by 13 years, age was immaterial. And yet when Angela told me I looked 20 years younger after the rock pool and massage sessions, it was music to my ears. By the end of the weekend I was ready to throw away my physical and metaphorical crutch. I truly felt that I would never again be scared to speak my truth or lack the courage to do anything ever again.

On that magical Embody weekend, each of us pursued an intensively personal journey, guided by Angela and Shaun’s quiet insistence and gentle but firm encouragement. Having birthed Embody out of her own body image, Angela could not have been a more sensitive and intuitive facilitator, with Shaun as her rock and our hero.

All our lives have been touched in varying degrees by Embody … some with phenomenal transformations, some with the prospect of adopting a new healthier attitude in body and mind.

And just maybe there will be a miracle or two…..

Being a participant on Embody at Boondocks was a profound experience. On the workshop I experienced how my body is a precise compass for my own joy. If we are prepared to listen and respond when our body communicates what it wants and what it does not want, we are certain to live the life that is most satisfying to us. Every ounce of unexpressed pain, rejection, anger and love along with all the other emotions we experience are cumulatively stored in our bodies until we are ready to deal with them. On Embody I learned to communicate, touch and listen to my body in a brand new way. Thank you Ang for your deep wisdom and your relentless passion for personal growth. The sense of freedom and confidence that everybody left Boondocks with is something I will never forget. I love my body and especially my Belly!

After a wonderful sleep last night, today is a brand new start. I find my awareness of my body, which I now fully appreciate as the home of my-self, is functional after having been asleep for so very long. Thank you, thank you for providing Embody, in all its facets, for me to do this. I am so very grateful.

The Embody workshop was more, much more than anything I could have imagined. I signed on the workshop because I have had a sore, aching body as far back as I can remember and despite the self work I have done, which is a lot, I just never seem to get to the understanding of the pain. It stops me from so much of my life, I was worn out and fed up. I did not know what the workshop would entail and was sufficiently desperate to try. Had I known the detail of the program I would have backed out because it confronts the deepest personal resistances anyone can have, and that is their body. Now that I have completed Embody I am in awe of everyone who participated, particularly myself because we were wonderful, magnificent, beautiful and freed beyond imagination. I have returned home with a new view of myself and a deeper understanding of the ways in which I was damaging my body. I have seen how I have carried responsibility for my adult children, family and friends far too long. At last I begin to feel a freedom which allows me to be an authentic friend and to follow my path without illusionary burdens.

For me that is the optimim space for anyone to embark on Embody. It is best not to know detail about the program other than you are willing to give it your best shot. You will not be disappointed, your faith will be restored in humanity and you will come away loving yourself and life unconditionally with incredible excitement. What a gift.







My weekend at Boondocks, carrying out the EMBODY workshop was more than life-changing. Each process allowed me to take a step forward towards my own devine beauty. Never have I felt so free in all 34years of existance on this earth. Every step I took was magical and it unlocked a new aspect of deep understanding to the questions I have always asked regarding my body. WHY, is my body the way it is? Never will I need to ask that question again. I have discovered my new best friend (my body). The miricles have continued into my everyday life and GRATITUDE is the only word that comes to mind when I think of my weekend at Boondocks.

Thank you Angela from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you, thank you.

Driving home in the car just now I was thinking of the weekend and what I have learned from it. The first thing that came into my mind was the money I invested. It is probably the best money I have ever spent. To put it into perspective, I bought a dress for a wedding the other day for R2020. Where did that get me???

I have taken so much away with me, too much to really write down in a paragraph.

Some of the breakthroughs that stand out for me the most are as follows:

Needing to nurture my inner child at the age that I was abused, to allow safety and one of the tools to a better sex life.

To find a career that brings me joy will allow my body to unblock and shift.

To listen to the messages my body gives me regarding pain and food.

To give my body through nakedness, touch, play, sleep, dance, and pampering (no money need be invested in this)

This weekend has allowed me to truly love my body. I look at it with new respect, and will treat it so.

It was so amazing working in a group, I learned so much through other people’s processes.

I have identified that I have replaced sex with food, therefore the need to eat constantly. Food is my ultimate pleasure, but through putting into practise the tools and knowledge I have been given over the weekend, I will eventually find balance.

I have been stretched out of my comfort zone in so many ways, and with that I have grown and moved forward in my personal development

I got home this after the workshop and my husband and kids had gone out to lunch. When they got back my 6 year old daughter drew a beautiful picture of me. She said to me "'mommy, you are all shiny", I said what do you mean. She said ‘you have a sparkly dress on because when I first saw you today, you looked all sparkly".

Isn't that amazing!!!

An afternoon with Angela…

By Lisa Steingold

We all have a life story. Our stories are intricate webs woven with threads of love, heart ache, happiness, disappointment, joy, anger, resentment, inspiration, connection, creativity, excitement and so much more. I have throughout my life felt, however, as though I were the fly caught in the trap instead of the master spinner.

The week before I went to see Angela I sat down one day and after a lifetime quest for understanding, I surrendered. I was divorced, broke, in a volatile work situation and an abusive relationship. I felt I had failed in every aspect of my life. I felt I had failed not only myself but all those around me. I sat on the floor of my bathroom and cried. I cried even though there were no more tears left to spill. And when the crying finally ceased I found myself praying. Unlike so many times before when I had prayed for things to go right and be okay, that day I prayed for wisdom, strength and courage.

I went to see Angela as an act of desperation. I had reached a point where I could no longer make sense of anything. My heart had literally ached everyday for more than 2 years. I sat across the table from Angela and from the moment she spoke I cried. I cried not from the pain that was so familiar but from the release of it all. I expected to be told that everything would be fine and that X, Y or Z would occur in my life. Instead I was given a deep and profound insight into why I had experienced the people, places and situations in my life. The words that were spoken were so wise and yet relevant to me that I did not for a moment question it. I cried from realising that I was not being punished, that my life had purpose even if I didn’t always understand it and that I was a divine being.

I have been to many psychics and ‘spiritual workers’ in the hope that someone would be able to give me the answers. The epiphany I had when going to see Angela was that I realised that there are no answers from the outside in, only the inside out. The reading gave me the permission to finally accept myself and my life choices for what they were. Not mistakes, not lessons but choices; choices which had allowed me to deepen my experience of life.

I have to say that I would not have been able to change my web, had I not been prepared to surrender. That said I also saw a therapist for a number of years and I know that she had helped too, to get me to a place of readiness and openness. In fact every situation and person I had encountered had helped bring me to a place of readiness.

If I was not prepared for the reading, I was certainly unprepared for the events that followed suit. I could not have imagined how an afternoon with Angela could have such a profound impact on my daily life. I am more grateful to her than I can express. I started changing my thought patterns. Suddenly the pain in my heart lifted. I actually felt light and accepted everything that was happening. All of a sudden things I started doing went well, extremely well. Only a few months later and I have a new job ahead of me, I have been able to set my finances on the right track and am very much enjoying single life. I feel fulfilled, “charged” and full of life.

The single biggest thing that I have taken away is that the knowledge and wisdom shared from Angela’s reading is an invaluable tool with which to “spin” my own life philosophy; a philosophy that supports me and helps me navigate the rivers of life. I liken my life philosophy to a sail; it changes with the wind but its support structure stays the same.

Funnily enough (the universe has a fabulous sense of humour) I was sent a quote today by a dear friend of mine which most accurately describes how I feel;

"The path to self discovery is a long and winding one. It is not for the feint hearted. It takes more courage than you can ever imagine but to find your inner self and be at peace with what you find is truly enlightening."

"I must just mention that I had a channelling session with Angela recently and it was a very special, insightful and precious session. I’ve seen psychics and mediums on a few occasions before and they were very helpful but this session stands apart from those. The information given was so personalised, so insightful, helpful and encouraging and delivered in such a gentle and non-judgemental way that as I drove away I told myself this had to come not just from any “regular” beings on the other side, but from very special and wise beings. I’ve never been a religious person but I drove away feeling that this was the closest I’ve ever been to “God” (whatever that means to me).

Thank you all for the experience, for what I’ve learnt from you and I hope to carry on hearing from you."

Received everything - thanks Garrick.

A profound message that really stirred my emotions deeply and although directed at me, I sense that it is a message for the world. I'm thinking about the deep divide and wounds create in people because of religious teachings .....and although I haven't belonged to a Church in many, many years, I'm wondering where / when my own disconnect happened, What lifetime I've brought this from.

Lots to think about and lots to cry about .... and lots to be grateful for.

Please thank Angela for her integrity in receiving,. I am very grateful for my connection with you both,

Nothing like a gentle and lovingly delivered "skop in die koek" to set one straight!

E x x x

Thank you so much, I received the disc but only when I returned from our trip to Clarens, which was Saturday 3 January. In amongst all my house guests I managed to find a quiet moment and listen to the cd. What a gift it was at this time of my life. It was an experience of unconditional non-judgemental love. I have downloaded the message onto my ipod so that I can listen frequently and not forget the suggestions that were given to me.

Please pass my thanks onto Angela for making this available to me.

Hi Angela,

This is to thank you for you. Our meeting has had a profound effect on me.


Hi Angela

Just to say you truly “served me magnificently” today. Thank you so much. I have only been to see you twice but both times have been awesome!


Dear Angela,
Thank you very much for the reading despite you not feeling well. I found it encouragingly helpful and fine tuned. It also initiated a bit of a healing crisis and brought on some heavy-duty clients in duplicate. I found it accurate, to-the-point and gentle and amazingly practical in its suggestions.
I do really appreciate and feel privileged.

Hi Angela

Thanks so much for the reading. I must say, I was a little apprehensive at first it being my first reading, but soon I sensed that it was coming from a place of such love and divinity and truth with the most unbelievable insight into me that it blew me away!

I can’t wait to get home tonight to listen to the CD since I can only remember snippets.


Just want to let you know that the beautiful advise I got from our last session is having a magical effect in my life already and I have so much more hope for healing and having a full happy life.
Thank you so much. Meeting you have really been a blessing for me.
Sending you lots of love


Dear Angela,

Just wanted to say thank you for the personal channelling session last night. It has put so many things into perspective for me. It has definitely increased my sense of awareness of my inherent "wisdom/calmness" and I am grateful for your time and energy that you put into making this clear to me.

I hope to see you soon


Hello Angela

I just wanted to thank you so much for yesterday's session, both P and I really enjoyed it. He was very nervous to start with but soon settled. You have a very unobtrusive way of communicating with our guides and it's very comforting.


Hi Angela

Thank you so much for this transcription and wonderful reading, in the beginning I was very overwhelmed by all the information being brought across, but it has allowed me to move greatly forward with huge understanding.

I am in gratitude to you for sharing your gift of channelling with me.

I look forward to hearing from you again.

Kind Regards

As for the channelling experience! - I feel honoured to have experienced first hand the unconditional love and support of my guides and to know they are there for me all the time.

thank you for that and look forward to seeing you again in Cape Town.

with love

Thank you so much for coming to Cape Town and giving us such a wonderful insight into channelling and your experiences in this area. I feel that my journey in this regard has taken such a beautiful path by meeting you.

Thank you again for channelling the message that my guides had for me last week, I am extremely grateful to you for your gifts and how you helped me with them.


I wanted to share with you that I had a remarkable insight – experienced just as a deep knowing and real understanding of a ‘problem’ I have been working with for many years. It occurred when I was reading one of the readings on your website – and it has stayed with me.

My reading was one of the best things that have happened in my life, thank you.

Just wanted to say thank you for the work you do. The reading was one of the most amazing and influential events in my life.


I cannot find words to thank you and the guides who were with us yesterday for the enlightenment that was brought with the reading. I feel renewed and it is true - the shift and the insight is as wonderful as it was with Joy Spring. It seems I just have to be reminded more often...

My husband and I started with the first tape yesterday night and I really can see that the insights that were presented to me will benefit our relationship. Since yesterday I am also in conversation with God and He has made some things clear for me that I had problems with. I had some issues that God allowed me to sort out and He has guided me tremendously to see the truth in this. I am thankful for that.

I can only pray you a blessed day and I hope that you experience the same peace that you were able to channel to me.


Thanks for the newsletter. I am very happy that you have reviewed your fees. And also that you have decided to do this full time. There can few more awesome callings than to relay such immense insight and direction with such clarity. I'm slightly embarrassed at not showing more appreciation and gratitude both to yourself and my guides/angels/soulgroup on the night, but as you might have noticed :-}, I was somewhat overawed by the deep kindness of the process (and still am ....).

I wish you well with your undertaking and congratulations and blessings to both you and Garrick on your great forthcoming event!!

much love

Dear Angela,

This is just a BIG ‘thank you’ for the love, light and energy you so willingly give to others.

You have a Blessed Gift and I have a need to tell you that you are a Very Special Person! You also need to give herself more time to indulge a talent [not your channelling] it is creative and will give you great joy…..don’t know where that came from but needed to tell you.

Thank you again for the gentle and caring way in which you allowed yourself to be used so that I may hear what my guides and angels needed me to.

Love and light,


My reading has been life changing :) Fabulous. I've listened at least seven or eight times and have worked hard on taking the advice of my guides. Please thank Angela again for me. A number of things have shifted so I may get another reading soon.

Namaste ~


I want to thank Angela again for this morning's reading. Something inside me that had grown hard and shrivelled has unfurled and started to grow again.
It's a blessing beyond my expectations.

My reading is fabulous. What I love about her work is that it's not your regular sit-on-your-arse-and-I'll-predict-for-you channeling. Through my readings, I'm growing in leaps and bounds. Love it!!

I have a lot of work to do before we chat again. In the meantime, take care Garrick and my thanks and regards to Angela.