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The Joy Seminar Series

Four days. Four domains. For an advanced practice of personal growth.

There is no teacher, or path, or partner, or book to which we can outsource our personal growth. We are responsible for steering our own way, for learning to direct our resources where they matter most, for becoming our own highest idea of ourselves.

There are plenty of wonderful tools and people in our world to help with this, but how do we make sense of these? What do we use, and when? How can we map out our own development holistically and wisely, so that it allow us to become more real and joyful rather than merely being for escape, the trendiness of being spiritual or simply licking our wounds?

Four domains of investment are required for sustainable Joy: HEAL, DREAM, CREATE and REST.

They are intimately connected, all of equal importance and each one masters a different aspect of the self - Healing results in love, Dreaming results in inspiration, Creating results in power and Resting results in peace.

It's likely that you find one or two of these domains far easier and more attractive than the others, and that most of your growth has been angled there, possibly for years. This can make you stuck, doing lots of 'work' on yourself, but making few significant breakthroughs because, in fact, your shifts are waiting for you in the less explored domains of personal growth.

It is no less important to dream than it is to heal or work on your issues. Success can flow from rest, as much as it can from creating or being busy. We need a full and whole notion of what personal, or spiritual, growth means and requires. This is what I am teaching on The Joy Journey Seminars.

Across four months, we devote a day to each of the HEAL, DREAM, CREATE and REST domains. We'll fully cover the theory of each including:

The real meaning thereof
What part of the self each domain is stretching
What practices work and don't work
Common setbacks of each domain
How to know when you need that specific domain
How to know when - and why - you're getting stuck in a specific domain

I'll share some fascinating insights e.g.:

- In some domains our feelings matter most of all; in other domains they are not at all our best guide!
- In some domains, the focus must be intensely selfish; in others it is communal
- Part of our personal growth is decidedly created by effort; but a piece of it can only happen through non-effort.

I trust that this map for Joy will allow you to keep a far more balanced perspective on your growth, to challenge your less-developed muscles and make quicker and bigger shifts than you ever have.

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