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The Joy of Money

100 days to a 100% Shift in Your Relationship with Money


The Joy of Money Online Programme

Trying to change your money behaviours without changing your core relationship to it is a little like trying to correct a broken arm with a plaster. There is amazing expertise available to us on how to cut expenses, clear debt and grow wealth but in order to feel inspired and committed enough to actually use these we have to first develop a whole, balanced and joyful position towards money.

This online course will take you with detail and care through your Four Magic Powers with money - Heal, Dream, Create and Rest. You'll receive the insights and the practical processes to becoming a money wizard, based on my Four Breakthrough Money Truths:

1. To work wisely with money (like anything else) you have to teach yourself to bring love to it

2. Transforming your relationship with money is not purely a material shift. It is a spiritual shift, which demands all the self-awareness, guts, vulnerability and growth of any other spiritual practice

3. If you want a radically different daily reality around money, you have to be willing to change your beliefs and your practices radically too (if you dare!)

4. To create more money you must embody a consciousness of sufficiency BEFORE you have the material evidence of it.

To learn more and start to put these ideas into life, join my Joy of Money online course NOW.

It runs for 100 days. This will comprise an audio teaching, worksheets and processes to get things going quickly and for real.

To listen to the introductory audio recording for the Joy of Money please follow the link.

To be part of the money revolution and take advantage of the programme price of R 2 350.00 please contact Garrick at or 084 460 8667.




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