Angela Deutschmann

Experience Truth


In my experience, most New Year’s resolutions are likely to fail for two reasons: Firstly, they are usually based on what you think you should do, rather than what you deeply want to do. In other words, the goals are set only from your head. Failure to sustain these resolutions breeds a sense of self-recrimination, your esteem drops and a cycle of subtle disappointment begins. Secondly, even when your resolutions are truly aligned with your joy, they may be unrealistic and difficult to integrate into your life as it is now. Why not do it differently this year and begin to sculpt your life – practically - from joy?

I have designed a number of unusual, innovative processes to assist you to see what you really want from the year and to find real, creative and achievable ways to integrate this into your current life with nothing needing to change.

Please note that this workshop does not include a vision board process.









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