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Jump! Workshop

Jump off your Personal Edge into your Joy

The opposite of Joy is not pain, sadness or fear. The opposite of Joy is containment.
Jump is an intense, intimate workshop to uncover what contains you and to take a real jump off the edge of it.

For some of us what contains us is an experience or relationship from the past that quietly keeps us in habitual sabotage.

For others, it is a fear of what might happen and the consequent need to control, plan and be on top of things.

You may be contained by an image of yourself, a role you play, an outdated belief, the need to be approved of or the way you play relationships.

On Jump you will be exposed to liberating processes, the splendour of the natural environment (outdoor pools, stone labyrinth), Angela’s respected intuition and small group dynamics to assist you to identify what contains you and to take the risk of letting it go.

With two experienced facilitators dedicated to only 8 people, unique and personalised processes and the power of the Boondocks environment, Jump will touch and stretch the deepest parts of your identity. It is a weekend that will require vulnerability, courage and honesty – and breakthroughs are guaranteed.

If you can risk your stories, safety nets and stuckness; if you can tell the whole truth and be fully seen and if you are willing to leap into a light and joyful existence – come and Jump!

What the participants say about their experiences on JUMP

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