Angela Deutschmann

Experience Truth

Shadow Workshop

All of us have internalised the idea, to greater or lesser extents, that there are qualities, emotions and experiences that are wrong – envy, cruelty, certain desires, anger etc. This has resulted in most of us suppressing or controlling these feelings to such an extent that we swallow instead of express them and, in so doing, push them into the shadow. After a while of pushing parts of ourselves away from our conscious recognition, we begin to be very fragmented resulting (most commonly) in fatigue, confusion or irrational self-sabotage.

It’s impossible to know your passion, for example, if you have not really known your anger because anger and passion are two sides of the same coin. By the same token, if you are repressing your pain you are undoubtedly also repressing your joy. For those of you who are courageous enough to begin seeing what parts you have pushed into shadow, I will be offering a once-off Shadow Workshop where we will work practically with these concepts in a small group. You can expect the processes to be uncomfortable, and you can also expect to leave the workshop deeply relieved and released.

For a personal story on my own shadow work you can read the article ‘From Holy to Wholly’ on my blog.






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