Angela Deutschmann

Experience Truth

Soul Poetry

From the Magic of Words to the Centre of Silence

Can a poem change your life? I am delighted to dare you into that possibility with my winter poetry workshops, which combine two of my deepest joys: poetry and personal growth.

Over the course of two Saturday mornings this Winter, you can join me to explore how poetry can become a doorway into the truth of yourself and what may be beyond yourself. The poets of our world have always expressed revolutionary, rich, dangerous and ecstatic ideas, using the discipline and music of language to peel back illusion and speak what is real. Yet much of this delicious knowledge and experience remains outside of the everyday life of most of us, either because we simply don’t know how to find it or because we presume it is boring, inaccessible, irrelevant or hard work.

In the Soul Poetry workshop we will:

Expose you to a number of extraordinary, transcendent, life-changing poets both modern and ancient
Release you from intellectualising or grasping the poems, and instead simply be vulnerable to them
Uncover what the poems reveal about your own truth
Inspire - and assist - you to see and write the poetry of your own life

My aim is to open up the world of poetry to you as another graceful path for growth, comfort and self awareness. In facilitating this journey, I will be drawing on my intuition and experience as a personal growth teacher, as well as two cum laude degrees in Literature and my own creative writing adventures.


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